Your puppy when purchased will have vaccination card stating they have had there 6 week jab.
They next one will be due at around 12 weeks.
With the better vaccines used today puppies over 10 weeks will only need one shot of c5 vaccination.
This covers distemper,hepatitus,parvo,bordetella,bronchiseptica and parainfluenza (kennel cough).
Boosters are due yearly.
Always check with vet what the vaccination is covering,this allows earlier socialisation.
Worms are common in puppies and can be affected before birth or after from the mothers milk.
Pups should be wormed every 2 weeks from 3 weeks of age.
It is recommended to worm monthly for the entire life of your dog. You can discuss with vet what wormer is best for your dog.
Fleaing at the same time as worming prevents forgetting one.
Some good ones are Nexguard, Frontline or Advantage,discuss with your vet.

Fresh water should always be available at all times.

Puppy will get most nutrients from protein source so remember to read food labels. They also are not just meat eaters they do love vegies as well.
We feed our puppies Advantage Puppy growth for large breeds which has worked great for us. They get bones regularly big enough not to swallow and thick enough not to break in half.
Please don’t over feed as you don’t want an obese puppy.Stick to the guidelines of amounts on back of food bag.
Exercise your GSD daily so they don’t get bored and to stay fit and healthy but as a pup short little strolls are fine and plenty of toys to play with. You will have so much fun owning a GSD.

Puppies lose milk teeth at about 3 – 6 mths old. Ears can be affected by this also.When teeth are all through give plenty of bones to chew and tear. This helps with their gums also and avoids buildup of tartar.
Group               Eruption
Incisors           4-5 mths
Canines          5-6 mths
Premolars     4-6 mths
Molars             5-7mths

Ears are generally up by 4-5 mths old. If not just keep and eye on them time does vary in some dogs.
Not uncommon to have one ear up and one ear down for awhile or even one day ears up the next day ears are down.
If you want to help get ears up quicker try making funny noises to make puppy concentrate on the noise making them use the muscles but never make ears stand up by touching them this can damage cartilage